TV Chatter

I feel like it’s a while since I’ve  written, but I don’t really have anything to say because I’m mostly just whiling away my time watching telly. Because that’s what being an adult is.

So, I thought it made sense to do a run-down of things I’m currently watching. You’re welcome.

Gotham – Never thought I’d like Batman, but it turns out that if you take Batman out of it, it’s pretty good.

Elementary – which I swear I will finish.

Orange is the new Black – Not sure I really like this yet, but it’s…interesting?

Jessica Jones – which I’m developing a love-hate relationship with, because I want to like it but 50% of the acting is just terrible.

Hunter – A lovely distraction back to childhood because really who doesn’t love ridiculous anime?

Once Upon a Time – I defy anyone to not love this. If you disagree I will fight you.

Black Sails – Pirates. Need I say more? Ok fine. Tom Hopper as a pirate. There.

Parks and Recreation – because I will understand my friends in-jokes.

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