New Year, New Me

Hang on wait, that’s a lie. New year, exactly the same old me.

I’m really bad at new years’ resolutions. I think mostly because I don’t really like celebrating arbitrary things, but also because a lot of new years’ resolutions are stupid and I give up quickly because I’m flaky like that.

This new year was different as well, because for the first time I came into it not really knowing what the year had in store for me. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life in education, contemplating the next essay deadline or exam, and now for the first time that’s not what dictates my life (well, it is, because I work at a Students’ Union. Except it’s not my exams, it’s other peoples. But this is all semantics, back to the point). So what will happen this year? What is there to look forward to, or dread, or aspire to?

No idea.

So no new years resolutions for me, no “things I’ll achieve in 2016”, none of this. Great to have aims and all, but I think this year I’ll just try and live my life a bit, and then come up with some ideas in like, May? I think that’ll work.

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