Normal Everyday Human Life

So I’ve not been up to much. Quite novel really.

In that, I usually am either swamped with things, or going out of my mind with boredom, or just going out of my mind and ranting online about fears and doubts (and actual rants). Recently however, I’ve settled into a pattern of late, which involves going to the gym, going to work, watching good TV, making nice food, and generally being relaxed about life.

Not totally relaxed of course. There’s the trials and tribulations of the M(res) thesis (yes, it continues), which haven’t been made any better by watching hoards of undergraduates become graduates. There’s the stresses of making an appropriate superhero costume for a pub crawl on Saturday – though I’m now pretty happy with it, so there may even be pictures.

But all round, I’m just living nice normal everyday human life.

Boring, isn’t it.

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