Where now?

There’s a great book by Diana Wynne Jones called Fire and Hemlock. I need to read it again because I still don’t really get it, but it’s definitely complex and fantastic and everything teen fiction should be. It has basically nothing in common with Twilight.

Anyway, in this book there is a house, with a garden, and in the garden there are two huge urns which depending on how you view them either say “Where Now”, “Nowhere”, Now Where” or “Now Here”. There’s a plot point involving them which may be a reference to the afterlife, but I never really got it, hence needing to re-read the book.

The concept of them is very reminiscent of how a lot of people seem to feel right now. It’s the end of term, end of some people’s degrees, start of summer, and it feels like time to begin new things. Except most people don’t really seem to know where they are going with it all. Some people feel like they are going nowhere. But the nice thing about nowhere is, it’s also Now, Here. Or from a different angle might be Where Now?

So I’m pushing on and thinking about where to go next. I’ve had some interesting conversations at work recently about the new directions that might take, and some exciting things are happening this year including a few more weddings of lovely people, other lovely people coming back into my life, and of course a whole host of new and exciting opportunities lined up on the horizon. I don’t really fully know where now, but I’m convinced it’s not nowhere, and as I’m here now I’m planning very much to enjoy it.

The proper answer to the question in the title, by the way, is Italy. I’m going to Italy. There will be photos. They will be terrible. TTFN.

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