I have a scrapbook. I used to have a poster on my wall underneath my loft bed when I was younger, and I stuck all kinds of things on there – drawings, tickets, wristbands for gigs. When I came to university I didn’t want to lose it all but I also didn’t want to try and preserve a huge poster of random childhood things, so I started my scrapbook.

Now it’s full of the most fantastic memories. I have a page full of tickets from my first visit to the Edinburgh Fringe with my parents. I have another page with things collected from my year in Morocco (some of which are probably mentioned earlier on in this blog). I have hundreds of theatre tickets, and almost as many admission tickets to museums and art galleries. I have my student card from ALIF (complete with a terrible passport photo) and I have an alarming number of Fruity tickets. I have a cutting from BBC music magazine which mentions the production of Cinderella which I directed.

Most recently I’ve added a page full of tickets and things from my trip to Paris to visit a friend on a year abroad, and my train tickets and programme slip from my visit to Scarborough to see LUU Music Theatre perform “Into the Woods” at the National Student Drama Festival.

I’ve done so many great things over the last few years (yes, it’s another nostalgia blog. Sorry for not mentioning that before) that I’m starting to wonder what I’ll fill all the rest of the pages with – I’m only halfway through the book. I’m sure I’ll find things though – I have three weddings coming up, plenty of free time to go to the theatre even more often, and summer is coming which means days out. In the meantime, between my scrapbook and this blog I’ve got the perfect ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.


To be continued…

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