No-one Is Alone

Welcome to late-night posting with Sally. This could go terribly. Bear with.

So earlier this year I produced a show called “Into the Woods”. It’s by Steven Sondheim and it’s one of my bucket list shows to be involved with so you can imagine my childish glee when I not only got to produce it, but saw it sent to the National Student Drama Festival, and saw it win “Best Show” at the Rileys last week.

It’s a show rammed full of great music, and there are tonnes of songs I love for various reasons, but the soundtrack of tonight’s post is “No-one is Alone”. It’s a beautiful tune designed to make the audience weep and hold hands with people they care about and that’s a great thing. So get this playing and I’ll tell you the rest of my thoughts.

Take it from me, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone. I spend my life in rooms full of people feeling completely alone because I don’t know how to talk to people, or how I should associate with them, or how to not be just too intense (which is a regular issue that I have). Loneliness (as I’ve mentioned here before) is a prevalent disease in my life.

But as the song says, no-one is alone, and that’s entirely true. The best day of my life so far was the day I learnt that I have people I can speak to about anything. No matter how uncomfortable the subject, no matter how much I cringe at saying it out loud (or at times, even typing it), there is always someone there to listen, to be supportive, and to care about what I am thinking and what I have to say. Sometimes it’s Boyfriend, sometimes it’s friends, sometimes it’s family. There are lots of people out there with a lot of time for me, and I’ve got a lot of time for them as well.

So just remember, talking is important, and ok. Whatever you have on your mind, there is someone out there to share it with, so go for it. If you want to, share with me. Dear reader, I have a lot of time for you, and I’m not the only one. No-one is alone.

So there you are. You’re welcome.

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