Young at Heart

Today I did something which I’ve been dying to do for ages…I fed the ducks. Here’s a few pictures.

ducks ducks ducks

And I know what you’re thinking. Sally, you rant about world politics and feminism, discuss your future career and whine about your masters degree. Where in that personality is there space to be a child? Well, for all the doubters (and there are many, because it’s well known that I am considered “Mum” for most people, and generally elderly by many people) I am definitely a complete child inside.

I love children’s books, and have never really graduated on to adult literature. I watch every children’s film which comes out in the cinema, especially Marvel comics or animated ones. I laugh at childish jokes, bounce on my bed, and generally annoy Boyfriend by behaving like a 7 year old in the house. This 7 year old to be precise…what was my lovely Mother thinking? Such a fashion victim.

tiny sally

I will always yearn for being a kid, because I enjoyed it so much, but it’s nice that despite growing older, I haven’t yet “grown up”. Considering not so long ago my Mother and I chased some pigeons and then laughed about it for ages just because she suddenly wanted to, I don’t think I’ll ever really grow up. And who wants to anyway?

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