McDonalds, get down from that high horse

Let’s just quickly have a talk about how McDonalds need to get down off their high horse. They’ve got a radio advert which I’ve been meaning to bring up for a while. It comes on towards the start of every month, and is all about how wonderful they are for giving away free fruit.

One Friday a month.

This month, it’s one pineapple stick.

McDonalds, this does not make you a good company, and it does not make up for the shocking quality of the rest of your food. Just because you use good meat, doesn’t mean it’s a good meal when you pulverize it and fry it to death. In the same way, just because you offer a tiny amount of fruit for free, one day each month, doesn’t make you a “healthy option”. Just step away from the horse. It’s not the right place for you.

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