When you were little, did you ever play the game frustration? This one:

Frustration Game
borrowed from Steve Berry on Flickr

So I was bad at this game, because I am bad at frustration. It’s one of those emotions which just eats away at me, and I can’t ignore it no matter how hard I try. My biggest issue is probably that I find a whole lot of things frustrating, so I’m often feeling frustrated one way or another.

My biggest frustration though, is other people. It’s a constant amazement to me how people can do things in the most difficult, unhelpful, or genuinely stupid ways, when the obvious answer is staring them in the face. The issue is that in most situations you can’t tell people how wrong they are doing something. Either it’s a case of not hurting their feelings, letting them learn something for themselves, or simply not wanting to burn any delicate bridges. So here I sit, stewing in my frustration and unable to do anything to remedy the issue with the blindingly obvious solution.

So never mind then, I suppose. As Boyfriend has so wisely said, I just need to

…is this the first time I’ve made that pun? Amazed I’ve lasted this long.

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