Here are some things which are positive (+) and negative (-) about my life today. Because I genuinely couldn’t think of a better blog post.

+ I am doing work on my thesis
– My thesis work is tedious and makes me sad
+ I’m on an audition panel for a great show in a few hours
– There are some organisational issues to get sorted with said show
+ Boyfriend picked a lovely picture of us for his profile picture
– Now I can’t use it
+ I am blogging!
– I am scared of turning my HabitRPG back on and being a motivated person again
+ My friend (blog protégé…blogtégé?) is safely in her new home and blogging
– I wish I lived in her new home in Paris
+ My other best friend got an amazing offer for an amazing PhD that she will be amazing at
– I want to be offered a PhD (ideally on a plate…thanks)

I mean, life is clearly pretty good, and I’m just in the mood for a whinge. But then again, everyone is entitled to the odd whinge, aren’t they?

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