We joined the Navy…

…to see the world, and what did we see? We saw the sea.

Just a quick one today before I head to work. What is with people not thinking certain travel is interesting or fun? My lovely Mum used to sing us the above song when we were little, and to be honest I somewhat understand the frustration of planning to see the world and then just seeing water. Especially if you are on a boat. And get hideous motion sickness like I do.

But other than that isolated case, travel is good, and fun, and always interesting. This morning on the way back from the gym I heard a radio advert for something or other, in which they made out that getting a free trip to Siberia wasn’t a great prize. What? That is an amazing prize! Frankly, a free trip to anywhere is amazing, because everywhere has a history, a geography and a culture. Travel is only boring when you don’t allow yourself to have fun and discover new things.

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