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So, next door is having building work. Which is fine, except it would be nice if they had told us first, just so we could have prepared. Because when I say building work, they may as well be demolishing the place and building it back up from the ground from the noise they are making.

I know that living in a terrace this was always going to happen, but I just wasn’t prepared for quite how extensive the noise and disruption was going to be. As I write this I’ve had to get up three times to check that the house isn’t being broken into, and I’m horribly aware of everything I do being overlooked from the (frankly excessive) scaffolding which has appeared everywhere.

I always say that there are only two things in life which really make me angry, which are rude and inconsiderate people. These building shenanigans fall squarely into the latter category. I understand that the work needs doing, but I don’t for a moment believe that
a) No-one knew to drop something through our letter-box letting us know.
b) Any of it really has to be done pre-8am, or on a Sunday. Please people, one day of rest.

All I can say, is I’m excited for it to be over. It never looked like a very nice house anyway.

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