I actually wrote this post yesterday but scheduled it for today. That shows I’m being fancy. It also mostly defeats the object of secretly scheduling your posts to appear when you want, but I’m at work now (real now, not when I was writing…so confusing) so I couldn’t write a post now (when you are reading this now, not when I’m writing this now).

So anyway, moving on…

Remember how a few days ago I complained about rude and inconsiderate people? They are the bane of existence as far as I am concerned, and make me intensely angry. Which is why I find this song so annoying.

In this song, the frontman of a band who look like they could use a good wash goes to ask the father of his girlfriend for permission to marry her. The well-dressed suburban Dad says no, and greasy frontman then complains about how rude he is, and ends the chorus with a perky “I’ll marry her anyway”.

Right, let’s get to the problems I have. Firstly, greasy frontman, who asks for the father’s permission any more? Certainly not most guys like you. I am not a mega-feminist and I would find it charming if Boyfriend chose to ask my Dad’s permission before proposing, but I wouldn’t expect it because it’s not really the norm any more. So there’s that.

More importantly, Greasy Frontman, your girlfriend’s Dad isn’t being rude. That is not what is happening here. He has taken a look at you and decided that as you are stupid enough to actually ask his permission, he has every right to say no since you can’t seem to wash and you play in a band which live in a garage somewhere. The nice video production people have nicely styled him to be the antithesis to that lifestyle (as many people are) and it’s not unsurprising that (to be horribly cliché) he thinks his daughter deserves better.

That’s not RUDE

It might be narrow minded to some extent, and it might be not what you want to hear. It isn’t rude. What is rude, is asking a man his permission, being rejected, and then rather than working on that relationship in order to have a happy family life together, deciding you are going to defy him and marry her anyway (not even going to get started on her apparent lack of say in the matter). You are the rude one Mr Greasy Frontman. You.

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