A quick rant

I know I said I’d try and reduce this, but it hasn’t happened.

Quick rant.

If you are creating a survey and you’ve got a question with a wide range of possible answers, please don’t just guess which the most popular ones will be and have them as options. You’re leading the respondee and you’re not going to get as accurate results. Also, if you do insist on doing this, please include an “other” option which actually works, so I don’t have to spend my time doing things like this:


The text there being: “Other spirit and mixer NOT Gin and mixer, my ONE PREFERENCE is the option other, but apparently that’s not a real option. Again, please create surveys which can actually be answered in the way you seem to want.”


OK, I lied, I’m still doing the questionnaire and have now hit this:

So my “Other” text here reads: The structure of this question is genuinely shocking, I don’t understand what you want so I gave up half way through.

Because honestly, what do you mean to ask when you say “Which of the following are important when choosing Beer, Lager or Ale” but then on options like “Price” which is important to me regardless of what I am drinking (because I am cheap), I have to pick one of the 3 products. WHAT? That makes no sense.

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