Made in Chelsea

Ok, let’s talk about Made in Chelsea, my guilty pleasure. Yes, it’s terrible MTV generation drivel aimed at entertaining the dumb masses while capitalizing on the imperfections of the London upper classes, with horribly scripted scenes and some of the most bizarre relationship polygons I’ve ever seen.

So really, what’s not to love?

I am completely addicted to it. I think there is something about it which makes it even easier to watch than other reality TV because I just simply can’t believe anyone lives like that.

My comments on this series so far…

  • I am so disappointed that Stevie is no longer just sweet and nice. I liked having at least one person not involved in some silly love triangle.
  • I want to give Mark-Francis beer battered fish and chips, because he can sniff at it all he likes, he’s missing out on some of the best food out there.
  • Lucy needs to stop being ridiculous. There has been too much of this:
lucy watson
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