Horses, and carriages

All my friends are getting married.

In fairness, this isn’t a new thing – I went to my first “friend-wedding” when I was about 17 (they were older than me, but not by much), and the general marrying hasn’t stopped since then. But this year seems to be the big one. A close friend told me that everyone hits one summer where all their friends get married, and apparently this is mine.

Now is the time to state that I am not bitter in the slightest about how few of the weddings I’ve actually been invited to.

What I am bitter about, however, is that I don’t have the opportunity to doll myself up in a beautiful white dress, eat delicious food, and have people cry tears of general happiness at me. Which is not to say I specifically want to get married (I do, but not right now. This is a discussion which has been had, decided upon, and then left). I just want the white-dress experience.

Anyhow, that not being forthcoming for a little while, it simply remains for me to wish congratulations and general mabruks aplenty to all of my recently married and soon to be married friends. I hope you are all tremendously happy for a really long time.

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