Far be it from me to judge (though that’s exactly what I intend on doing), but it seems to me that if you turn up to an exam fully made-up with exquisitely coiffed hair, and then pester your friend outside because you’ve forgotten a pen, your priorities in life are all wrong.

Let’s expand on this. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to take care of your appearance, or take pride in your hair. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of make-up haters who have been all over social media recently.  I’m also not insisting that the only thing of merit is a good quality education and exemplary exam grades.


If you make the decision to go to university then you are
a) quite clever
b) interested in furthering your knowledge

so you shouldn’t be wasting time on an exam morning plastering yourself with make-up when literally no-one but the invigilators will take a second look at you.

Of course, if you just came to university because they have low expectations and are accepting below-average students in order to fill their already gold-lined pockets, and because you were in FE and the system failed you by not suggesting you had other reasonable options than to sink yourself into a pit of debt while not really achieving anything except a 3rd in a course everyone agrees is not a real subject, then go ahead with your make-up and lack of pens. Someone should have explained a long time ago that you are wasting your time at university anyway.

Well, that escalated quickly. Rant over.


Oh, and good luck to anyone taking exams!

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