Make It Work

Woops. Went ahead and abandoned my blog again for a bit there. My bad.

Firstly, I was driving home from work today and there was a guy on the phone, and smoking, in some kind of fancy stupid car. The traffic came to a slow crawl because of some roadworks ahead, and instantly this guy gets impatient and (very unsafely) wings it off up one of the side-roads. I thought nothing particularly of it (the roads are full of idiots, after all) until about 10 minutes later, when who should appear out of another side road, right in front of me, but the same guy. He must have spent 10 minutes ragging his fancy car around the place to advance exactly 0 places in the queue. Best thing was, I’m sure he recognised me, and he looked SO annoyed when he did. It was a beautiful thing.


Does anyone watch “Project Runway”? I love when Tim Gunn says make it work, it inspires me. Here is what I’ve been making work over the last week. Apologies for the odd background. Here are some of the costumes for Ruddigore (the opera I’m currently producing).






These are bridesmaids’ dresses (sortof). They are ladies nighties which I picked up from a random stall at Kirkgate market (home of all wonderful things), and then I’ve added sashes made of craft ribbon. They’ll also be worn with matching hair ribbons. I decided not to include that bit of the picture because my face looks like I hate everyone all of the time.


This is my sailor suit. Obviously both trouser legs need hemming with the white, but I made the collar all by myself, which I’m quite proud of. Only 14 more to make!



I then took all the costumes I’ve made so far, and put them into individual ziplock bags, so that everyone has exactly what they need and nothing else. My theory is, if they lose it after I’ve given it t them, it’s 100% their fault. Not that this is a blame game, but, things happen.

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