Miley Cyrus

Why would you bother to write about Miley Cyrus, I hear you ask.

Well, there’s a very good reason. A while ago I wrote a post called Leeds, Cyprus and Other Things, and since I’ve been doing my blog overhaul I keep coming across it, as it’s near the top of my page of uncategorised posts. And I keep catching it out of the corner of my eye and wondering what ever possessed me to write a post on Miley Cyrus.

So you see, we’re in the same boat you and I, because I also have no idea why I’d bother to write about Miley Cyrus. Her shock-tactics in the last year do not shock me, because this is what celebrities do all the time. Does no-one remember Lindsey Lohan and her impressive freefall into the oblivion of “being famous”?

In other news, I am craving Msemen like nothing in the world after reading some more of my old posts. Moroccan food is the best food, and I want some NOW.

Look how beautiful and unhealthy the look…

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