The past is absolutely fascinating. There is no bit of history that doesn’t interest me, and I’m really interested in current affairs because soon they’ll be history and I want to be able to tell my kids how I was a part of it.

Here’s an example of something completely wonderful from history:


So this is the pantheon, and it’s got all geometry and beautifulness. We think we’re so clever in this modern age, but people were creating these amazing pieces of architecture hundreds of years ago, and so many people don’t give the past enough credit. Everything we can do in our current generation is because of the work of those who went before us.

Recently I’ve been reading Aristotle’s Poetics as part of my research. It’s amazing. The work of a philosopher from 350 B.C is still relevant (and important) to me today, and not only that but it is clear, measured and accurate. Aristotle’s view on the value of the creative arts as part of society are as valuable today as ever, and the fact that some people don’t even know who he is both astonishes and saddens me.

Let’s all take a moment to care about history and to learn something new and awesome. I recommend following @HistoryToday on twitter for a nice drip-feed of interesting history articles.

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