This? No.


Since I migrated to WordPress I’ve had a bunch of spam comments, and I have to say, I don’t mind them! Working in the “internet biz” if you like, I’ve gained a bit of insight into spammers, and I know that there is nothing special about getting spam comments (if anything it only highlights that I should really activate Akismet, which I have yet to do – such a bad blogger).

To get back to the point of this very short post, I like my little spammers. It gives me something to do when I log on, and in the absence of real comments it makes me feel a bit popular. If I start getting real comments I’m not honestly sure what I’ll do. I never really began this blog as a way of “connecting to the blogosphere” it’s just somewhere to put my thoughts so that they don’t clutter up my head.

Anyway, that all made a lot of sense, so I’ll stop trying now.

You’re welcome.

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