People who speak loudly on phones

I recently got a new workspace, working in a co-working centre in Headingley. I really like it because it is a better headspace for me to focus on work than home. I also love how light it is, and that the desks are a good size.

Most of all, I like all the people. I’ve not met a single person who hasn’t been absolutely lovely since I’ve been here, which is miraculous really, because I spend the whole time being really antisocial with my headphones in and the radio on. There is, however, a really good reason for me being like that.

Everyone in this office is SO LOUD on the phone.

I totally appreciate that being in a shared space means that you’re going to lose out on a little bit of privacy and you’re going to have to experience the way other people work, but honestly, it’s getting a bit silly. I’m certain most companies would prefer if their private calls were not aired to the nation, and I know that humans, as a species, can change the volume at which they speak. Except apparently not around me.

It’s a problem I often find. Frequently when walking home I find myself heavily engaged in someone else’s personal drama, just because they are speaking so loudly on the phone. Maybe I just have sensitive hearing, but I’m sure my family would beg to disagree on that point. I just feel like now that we’re in the era of the smart-everything, surely phone microphones are equipped to pick up a lower volume. Surely we don’t actually have to yell?

I am lucky though, because I have good headphones which block out most if not all of the office noise while I’m here. So I’ll have to be content with seeming incredibly anti-social, but at least I’ll get some work done!

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