A stunning televisual experience

I’m talking, of course, about Once Upon a Time. It’s a great program as far as I’m concerned, and I know that fairly soon the 3rd season is starting, along with the 1st season of the”Alice in Wonderland” spin off. It seemed am opportune time to tell you all about my love for all things fairytale, including this fantastic series.

I grew up in a house where stories were very important.  My mum is a librarian, so books are a big part of her (and consequently my) life. Even before I could read, or hard the patience to be read to, both my parents would invent stories for me before bed.  My Dad’s stories always revolved around Elmer the Elephant, the wonderful patchwork Elephant created by David McGee.
Those stories were my own personal fairy stories when was younger, and they were wonderful.  As I got older my parents showed me into a whole world of amazing fairy tales, myths and legends.  Aside from Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm, I was introduced to the world of Indian folklore (stemming from my whole family’s time in India) when I was given the book”Seasons of Splendour”. My favourite story was the one about Dodi and Doda, a brother and sister who showed the difference between rich and poor,  and cruelty and kindness.
Later I moved on from European fairy tales and Indian stories to Greek and Roman myths and legends. At the age of about 12 I was obsessed with tales of Herculean feats of bravery and strength, and Gods and Men. My Grandmother bought me simplified versions of the Oddessey and the Illyad which I devoured.
The final stage of my fairy tale obsession is still going on.  I’m always looking for clever reworkings of my favorite stories,  be it on TV programs like Once Upon A Time, or in books.  The indomitable Terry Pratchett is always an amazing read,  as is C. S. Lewis, and Lewis Carroll.
So I will deeply enjoy the new seasons of my program, and if you haven’t watched it I urge you to try it.
Have a hydra too on me.

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