Did I say I’m still in Morocco? I’m still in Morocco. I miss the rain in Fes already because I’m now living in Rabat for three weeks and doing a month internship at the British Council here.The first three days have gone very well. I am working with some lovely people and doing some fairly interesting stuff, looking at the British Council Morocco website, and also joining in with some events. I’ll keep you all updated of course.

Tonight was my second night out in Rabat. The first was on Saturday, the day after the wedding when I got to see Shakira. No biggie. Oh, and also it was free.

Yes. I saw Shakira. FREE.

I’ll just let you take her in…

…So then tonight I was invited to a garden party at the house of the head of the British Council here in Morocco. It was totally lovely. I got to meet some really nice and interesting people, and I felt really included in a group which I don’t honestly know all that well yet. I was really glad for the opportunity to ‘hobnob’ a bit with the top UK people here, but the main thing that I liked about it was that it really gave me the feeling that I can learn a lot while I’m here, and make a whole new group of friends.

But, I miss the rain in Fes.

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