Today I was eating my breakfast and new Rabat Auntie said she was going to the shops, so I asked if I could go (because I like getting out of the house and being a little active) and she said yes. I was about to go and change my shoes from flip-flops, and put something over my shoulders when she was all “get moving“.So I went out in a spaghetti strap top!

Nothing covering me up or anything. I felt so daring and exciting. It was probably quite sad. So as we were wandering round the shop I started realising supermarket things I’ll miss about Morocco when I leave.

1) Moufid Jiby chocolate milk. It costs 3Dhs, and I had it every day in Fes.
2) Pickled lemon. It’s just the best thing ever. I know I can get it in England, but it just won’t be as good.
3) Huge arrays of biscuits. I don’t ever buy them, but I don’t understand why shops in England don’t stock more biscuits. Morocco loves its biscuits.
4) Turkey substitutes for pork. I do miss pork, but the idea that I won’t be able to get ‘Ham-that’s-not-ham-that’s-actually-turkey-but-dyed-bright-pink’ any more is a little sad. My sandwiches will have much less character.

It all got me thinking as well, I need to work on my souvenirs. So far I have a Kaftan, a Jelaba, two plates made in Fes, some tea-glasses, a leather bag, two Moroccan purses, a scarf, and a pair of bright yellow slippers. I still need a tea-pot, and spices at the very least. Tomorrow I’ll ask Rabat Mum about it.

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