Journey to Essyland

So exams finished. We had a big fiesta for the 21st of one of my closest friends here in Morocco which was awesome. Then, we waited up until 2am, and got the night train down to Marrakesh. Not much to say about the experience except that it is hard to sleep on a train, even if you are as tiny as me. We just missed out on our connecting bus, and so we went to Jmaa El-Fna which is the main square, and also to the Palais Bahia. It was cultural and nice.

Then we hopped on a 3 hour bus to Essaouira. It was a fine journey, marred only by a random fight at the bus station. But it’s Morocco after all. We were picked up in Essy by our landlord-type person, who popped us in taxis and took us to our house. What a house. £10 each a night, and another £10 on food for the 3 days (and we had it coming out of our ears). We tried a trek to the beach, but it just ended in dehydration and sunburn. We also had a few visits to Essy itself, which is a lovely town where everything is expensive, but you get no bother. I didn’t make it to the beach, but I am informed it was lovely. We ended with a big party for the final birthday of the year, and all said something nice about each other. Tacky as it may sound, it was actually fantastic.

And I really enjoyed the pool.

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