Daydream Believer

Have I told you about my dreams?

I dream very vividly, and often (and yes, I know you’re jealous) lucidly. I remember my dreams every day, unless I’ve been really knackered and actually had a proper night’s sleep. I don’t always remember them completely though. I’ve been thinking of starting a dream diary, but my head is just too crazy, and I think if I wrote it all down it would bother me too much.

I’m one of those people who’s dreams are highly affected by their mood and the things which have happened during the day. For example, having booked my holiday with boyfriend for summer a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking at bikinis (he insists that Jillian has given me a bikini body. I disagree but whatever) all week. Now, I have a specific design of bikini that I like, and a particular affinity for cherries. No wonder then that my dream last night had me wearing a cherry bikini all the time (regardless of it’s appropriateness).

I also daydream. And my daydreams are amazing because I have a ridiculous imagination. So I can amuse myself for hours just imagining that I have magic, or can play any instrument in the world, or can speak every language, or can fly. I consider it a skill. I should probably write books.

Anyway, on the subject of dreaming, you should all listen to this, which is without a doubt my new favourite song (but only this version mind).

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