Sunday Sunday

I feel like nothing can follow up my previous post. My whole weekend is dominated by the endlessness of those 48 hours.

My nose still itches as well, and now it’s gone red and a bit swollen as well. Stupid mosquitoes.

There is a lot to be said for rest and relaxation. I’m realising that now, sitting here watching Madame Halima and Mr Aziz plan things with the vague input of BMB. He doesn’t really have much say, which is silly because they’re talking about a party for him. But never mind.

I’m finding it very relaxing to listen to. Mostly because I don’t have to care, but also because Arabic (when not shouted) is a beautiful language, and it’s nice to listen to. I could just fall right asleep. In fact, that might happen, and so I will bid you good night, with a promise of being more fun tomorrow.

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