Missing you

Oh England. Today I’m homesick for you.

I had an alright morning, and a lovely lunch with some friends, which I went and did quite spontaneously. But come 3pm, I was leaving to come home, and it was on the taxi journey that I realised something.

I’m homesick.
These are the main things and people I miss.

– My family
– The Boy
– Being spontaneous
– Going out with my friends
– Cooking for myself
– Central heating
– Hugs
– All my friends
– Being comfortable with walking in the dark
– Choosing what to do with my own time
– BBC iplayer
– Normal dinnertimes
– Proper desks
– Carpet
– Driving
– Being cooked pizza for dinner
– Always having someone around

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, and I have a wonderful host family. But everyone misses their home comforts sometime, and today is my day.

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