Girls Day Out

Know what’s awesome?

Having good friends to spend your time with. Last night I went out on a double ‘date’ with three of my girl mates over here. We shared salad and pizza, and then went to the very posh Maison Blanche for some cocktails. I had a £7 Tom Collins, but it was good.

Today we had breakfast together, and then went down to the old Medina. After a walk around there which was very relaxing we went and discovered the palace gardens, which are stunning. Then we headed back to the Ville Nouvelle for a potato sandwich (don’t doubt me, it’s good) and some ice-cream. I can’t think of a better snack than a ball of mixed flavours of ice-cream. Especially for 20p. Amazing.

Tonight we’re gonna have a film night. It will be totally awesome. I love having friends.

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