The Early Bird Catches the Taxi

I awoke at 7.05 this morning, which is a little late. But I knew that I had a whole heap of washing up to do, so I got right on, dressed and washed quickly, and then on to the dishes.

Unfortunately I was a little more leisurely than I expected, and so I rushed to get out of the house for 7.35.

Let me give you some backstory. All last term, I did the washing up after dinner each night, so if I woke up at 7 I  could have a nice chilled waking up, and make it out to get my taxi by 7.30. This term, since we started with exams, I tried to get early nights, which lead to the washing in the morning habit. Since I also have changed so I don’t shower in the mornings, this has been fine, but for the last few days, I’ve had a different problem.


Yesterday I waited almost half an hour for one, and then it wouldn’t take me all the way to school. So today I got out of the house with plenty of time to spare. And instantly found a taxi, right outside my door, who actually beeped me. And then was lovely, and nice and took me right to school and charged me less than usual.

So now I am sitting alone at school, since I’ve made it here ridiculously early.

Have a nice Tuesday

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