All that glitters

I got given presents today. I wasn’t expecting it at all, which made it much harder to do the right thing and insist on paying, or refuse. I got a bracelet, which is cute and wasn’t expensive so I didn’t resist, and then a necklace, which until the last second I though I was trying on for someone else. Then suddenly we were out the shop and I was informed it was another present. They are lovely though.

All this has made it dramatically harder though, to ask if I can stay here for a month in summer. I already feel a little like I am living off of charity, and it seems really cheeky. But it also seems much more intelligent to spend my time with people who I am comfortable with, know, and can learn from, than spending my time trying to find an apartment I can have on a one-month lease.
Or crashing on someone’s sofa.

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