It is 00:00 according to my laptop clock. I should definitely get to sleep. But before I do, here are some highlights of my day for you. Enjoy.

10:00am I get up to help with couscous. It’s already half made when I get to the kitchen at 10:10 having had to take some time to put clothes on. Madame Halima says she waited until ten. I say she is flexible with her opinion of ten.

12:00 We go to collect Jess, since she’s been invited for couscous lunch and then a trip out. My first ever instance in Morocco of ‘having a friend over’

4:00pm We get to Volubilis. Roman ruins. I don’t know what it is about some funny shaped rocks that I find so awesome, but I revert to a seven-year-old and insist on climbing around. And then do so to my hearts content.

6:00pm We arrive at the campsite I used to stay at in Meknes when I was little. It’s been shut for a year and eight months, so we can’t go in, and that is the only bad thing to happen all day.

11:00pm We eat.

Hope you enjoyed that. Stuff happened in between, which maybe I’ll fill in when I’m less sleepy. For now, those are the best bits.

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