Teenage Dreams

I can tell you so much about teenage dreams. Because I am still a teenager (though only physically, as I am mentally still a child) and as I am a teenager, I sleep until silly hours of the day if allowed. Today, Halima let me sleep until half 11. She admitted she was worried about me but I slept in yesterday so she just left me.

I love sleep, that’s the thing. I have really amazing exciting dreams. Last night, I dreamt I was in this computer-game style scenario. Firstly I had a really awesome gun that fired blue pulses that made the whole air around them wobble, and I was on a team of women who were on some kind of covert-ops mission. Then I got shot, and my health went down (do you think computer game characters are aware of their health bar? I really think they are) so I had to hide next to this weird hill/bunker thing. It was really long. Suddenly, all the men were on top of it (yes it was women versus men. Well done imagination, how original of you) Our team got totally slaughtered, and there were some pretty funny bits of me trying to beat up men double my size because my gun had disappeared. I ended up with a bottle in my hand, which inexplicably I had to go an put into a hole in the beach (yes, there is now a beach) which made the tide come in really quickly. Which is clearly a sure-fire way to kill men, because they apparently all can’t swim. In the end we ended up all swimming around, because my imagination can’t actually kill people.

So anyway, I got up late. Basic point of that story. Also, to all the blogs which I subscribe to (though none of them subscribe to me, but whatever) why have you stopped posting? I really enjoy reading you, and have even been advertising you to all my friends, so what is going on?

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