Ok, I lied. No picture-post yet. I’ll get onto that later tonight after class.

So today I had a lie-in until 9am. It was the most lovely thing ever. I forget how much I honestly enjoy bed sometimes. The downside is that I was going to walk to school, but I doubt I have time now, what with getting up a bit late, and then deciding to blog about said gettingupabitlate.

There is nothing else I can really think of to write, which makes this a very lame attempt at a post. I do apologise. To make up, how about you check out So about what I said…. It’s a really nice blog, written by a very inspirational woman. And she has really good taste in jewellery, which she has a give-away of every few days. Since we’re mostly not in the USA around here, I doubt we can join in, but it’s a really nice idea anyway.

Seeya later!

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