La grosse matinée

Nothing is better than a good lie-in on the weekend. For the first week in ages, I am not really up to much, which is going to be so relaxing and lovely, but possibly a little bit boring.

I was supposed to go to Rabat with the kids, but then BMS is meeting with her secret boyfriend, and BMB has decided to go to Casablanca instead, so I decided to stay home. On account of Aziz being away for the whole week in Midelt, and Mounia having finally and totally packed her job in, it is just me and Halima. We’ve been having a lot of mother-and-daughter type bonding which has been nice. Today we’re going to the supermarket together. What I would really like would be to go down to the medina and get shopping for Christmas, but can’t have everything. Might do that in a few weeks time, if I get the chance.

Last night I got right down, for no good reason, and it’s affecting me a bit this morning, which is why I had what Halima has dubbed ‘La Grosse Matinée’, which is where I stay in bed for longer than what she considers a lie-in. I actually woke up at about 9.30, but I was feeling sad and bed was warm, so I ended up staying under the covers until 11. By that point I felt willing to face the world, and now I have sorted out something that was weighing on my mind I feel even better. It’s all about getting stuff done people. If you have something important to do, don’t sit around moping under the covers. Go out and do it.

Advice-Sally out.

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