I don’t get drunk, I get sleepy.

When I get tired, I become a completely different person.

This happened last night, and I’ve only just remembered, so I shall explain. When I get really sleepy, I begin to act like I am drunk, at least according to The Boy, who should know, having seen me in this state many times. I think essentially what happens is that my body stops moving at the same time as my brain.

I’ve always had a slight problem because I think in a different order than makes rational sense. I tend to write words out completely incorrectly if I don’t think carefully about what I am putting down, and I blend words together. In everyday life this is rarely a problem because I catch myself before I do it, or I stop speaking if I’m about to do it orally, though I sometimes find myself stuttering over the simplest things, even in English (why oh why am I doing a languages degree?)

After dark everything changes. Normally I am quite a night owl, but there comes a point when I crash, and after that, my brain seems to stop being able to control my body properly, and I come out with some ridiculousness. Allow me to demonstrate with the ending to my conversation with The Boy last night –

[01:02:51] Sally: I’m getting to drunken times for typing
[01:02:56] Sally: okay sounds good ten
[01:03:04] Sally: get clean theesn
[01:03:08] Sally: teeths
[01:03:17] Sally: mostly the right etters
[01:03:20] Sally: lettess
[01:03:24] Sally: letters
[01:03:33] Sally: leave me alone
[01:03:57] Sally: mine is jsut some normla sleepies
[01:04:32] Sally: let me sleepn now~?
[01:05:06] Sally: have a doog day
[01:05:24] Sally: its all the right leetrers
[01:05:41] Sally: this is how my brain works when i don’t stop it form being stupid thies is how i tpe
[01:05:47] Sally: then this
[01:05:49] Sally: not thies
[01:05:56] Sally: mixed the wordsus
[01:05:59] Sally: woods up
[01:06:08] Sally: its sio hard to fix when i’m tired
[01:06:15] Sally: i try hard
[01:06:19] Sally: night night nihgt
[01:06:28] Sally: have a good day
[01:06:30] Sally: tomorrwo
[01:06:44] Sally: and ill talk to you at later
[01:06:49] Sally: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[01:06:51] Sally: yes
[01:06:55] Sally: al tater
[01:07:02] Sally: no
[01:07:04] Sally: at later
[01:07:07] Sally: is what i meant
[01:07:11] Sally: shhhhh
[01:07:15] Sally: zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To clarify further, The Boy was able to talk out loud to me on Skype, but my microphone doesn’t work for him, so I have to type, which is why it seems to be only me talking. Also, I get excessive with my kisses when I am tired, because it’s just so easy to hold the X-button down for ages. Enjoy.

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