The Flat: The return of Kushka

Had a long day. Nothing more to say there. I’m chilling here with Kushka

Was planning on having a lovely girly night in with films and chocolate, but my friend’s flat got flooded. Yes, that is how much it was raining last night. She lives on the 4th floor of her building. I hasten to add that the whole building wasn’t flooded, there was just a blockage in the drain on her balcony and so the water ran into the flat. Still not a good thing though.

So I am back in the Canadian/American/UK flat, where one of my friends lives, close to school. She’s letting me stay the night, kindly. I’m really unreasonably excited, because it’s so much fun being away from home. Which is bad, obviously, because I should be enjoying my time at home, but sometimes you just need the release of ridiculous times with the English.

Kushka is the dog. She likes eating toes. Nuff said. No more posts for today.

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