Sleep. Sleep.


I need it, again. What exactly is it about this country which deprives me of my sleep? I actually have no idea, but the point is I need it. I got very little in the end last night, just due to general…stuff. People talking, books wanting to be red, bites wanting to be scratched (but I didn’t because I don’t want attractive scars).

Today it was up early for class. We learnt some verbs and I enjoyed it. I enjoy everything here really, and the only thing which dampens it for me (bites excluded) is when other people aren’t enjoying themselves and feel the need to whinge and moan about it. Then we had grammar, where I found something interesting about the marking style of Si Zaim. If you write the wrong answer but correct yourself, he’ll still mark it wrong. Time to get a pencil and rubber I think. Even so, I got 29 out of 35, which is of course not to be scoffed at. Even if I should have had 30.5. But whatever, I know which bits I did wrong or right.

I have this in my head today. And I’ve been reading my friends blog. I’ll have to ask if I can show it to you guys, he does creative writing and his feelings about Morocco are very perceptive. I’ll ask him later.

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