Mounia and Zaim

Two people who will never, no matter how hard I try, be content with a one-word answer.

For example, I might ask Zaim something like

Me: Si Zaim, (everyone laughs when I say this. I’m only being polite guys, try it some time) in this list, is it only with this verb that you add an alif?
Zaim: So, so I cannot explain this fully right now, so this is to say so we have some verbs so they are like bread and they want always cheese, so, so it is important to give them cheese but some verbs they do not need this so I can’t explain this, I can’t because it is not to mix salad with couscous, we will come to this so, for now we just memorise, so now so this verb it takes the alif.
Me: So it is just this verb and not the others in the list
Zaim: So, so, so…etc…

CONCLUSION – the answer to my original question is yes. It is only with this verb.

With Mounia it’s a bit different. Today I decided to show her what I had learnt in class for the first time. I walked into the kitchen and said nice and clearly,

‘Mounia, the time is five and fivetimesfiveminutes (no, there is no real literal translation for the word).’ 

She looked at me like I was crazy so I explained

‘Today in the class, I learnt the clock.’

Rather than a well done or anything, this launched her into full Mounia-Mode. I still haven’t worked out what she is trying to say to me when she does this, but it normally ends with her looking at me, giggling, telling me I don’t understand (she is always right, I don’t) and then giving me lots of kisses.

Ah well. Better luck next time.

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