Guys, I’m back!!

Ok, so maybe it’s not quite that exciting, not for you anyway. For me, it’s great because I have soooo much to tell.

After my classes from 8-12 on Friday (oof) we hopped on our mini-bus and travelled for 7 hours. This included such fun activities as ‘The Animal Game’ in which Team America faced The British Empire. I’d love to say we won, but I’ll settle for it being a fix, and us being unfairly outnumbered by the Americans. Still, good way to make friends. Then we arrived (finally) here. It was stunning. We went late-night swimming until 12.30 and then sat on the roof of the guys bungalow until about 2 just chatting and looking at the stars (and smoking, but I didn’t join in on that bit)

The next day we had a good breakfast before moving on to here. Again stunning, here we got just 2 rooms, one for the girls stuff and one for the guys stuff. We left everything unnecessary and after a quick lunch we hopped on our camels (OMGCAMELS) and went to the camp in the desert at Merzouga. My camel was a rebel and kept getting out of line, but I kinda loved him for that.

We spent the sunset at the berber camp, had a bit of food and then messed around on drums for a few hours. At about 10 some grumpy spaniard came and had a whine because we were being so loud so we toned it down. Lots of people dragged their mattresses out onto the sand to sleep under the stars. I just stayed out (with my new American friend Kenny) and we chatted. And I saw a shooting star. I made a wish, but I can’t tell you what it is, obviously.

This morning (being Sunday) we trekked back on the camels, had a bit of breakfast and then hopped on the coach for our 10 hour ride home. No great stories here because everyone was asleep prettymuch. I read my book mostly.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes there are photos, I just have to steal them from other people before I can show you. I’ll have a post exclusively of desert pics. Oh, and in case you were also wondering about the title, here are two photos I took myself to explain it.

Welcome to the world of my 79 individual mosquito bites. I think on the first night in the nice hotel I must have trapped a mozzie underneath my blankets. It clearly spent the night trying to kill me. The result is bites all over my feet and lower legs. To a horrific extent. It made riding a camel very hard. It’s so nice to be back in civilisation with bite cream. I may have a bath in it later.
I itch so much. But it still didn’t ruin a single thing. =D

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