Hot weather washing

I just hand-washed all my clothes.

It’s my first time hand washing, and I am not great at it. There is a lot of wringing out of water, which I didn’t do very successfully. Also, there is very little hanging space, and even though it’s very hot weather, the clothes are not drying. I need them to dry so I can put some more out, because I did all the washing at once. Silly.

I am once again sitting doing not much. Lunch was good, and I grabbed a taxi nice and quickly just outside school. Aziz has inexplicably gone to Meknes today, so I didn’t need to worry about lunch when I got back which was nice. I don’t mind being the maid, but getting to just chill and do my homework is always a blessing. Didn’t have a lot of homework but got on with it right away so now I am free to do as I wish. Which in my books means sitting watching laundry dry. It’s almost as fun as the paint thing. The one where you watch it dry. Yup, that’s how much fun I am having.

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