I have so much to say recently, but no time to sit down and blog about it. To remedy this, I’ve just created a whole bunch of drafts which sometime in the future I’ll go back to and write up in full. They range from my Grandfather to Whitehall and back again (via social anxiety and Borneo). You’re set for a good time basically.

Meanwhile, can we just take a second to all be confused about this song:

Because I mean. What? I’m very conflicted. I’m a big supporter of the idea that women can put their career before their relationships. It’s a good thing that Usher doesn’t mind. However, should he mind that his girlfriend is engaging in a job which is typically degrading and even dangerous for the women involved? Also, surely he should engage in his girlfriend’s work life anyway and not just be fine with whatever so long as she comes home. That’s not a loving and attentive relationship.

Also it’s a bit of a shocking song.


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