Tiredness and not eating cheese before bed

Recently I’m constantly tired. I have reasoned that as a way of dealing with the fact that I have basically nothing to do (and by basically nothing I mean, I only have my job, my degree and a nice life with Boyfriend, plus occasional visitors…so nothing) I am filling my life with many additional things, such as loads of baking, cross-stitch, and crazy amounts of cleaning. All this is making me tired. All the time.

Which leads me on to cheese before bed. I don’t eat cheese before bed, which they say gives you nightmares, but I wonder if maybe I should. Because this was my non-cheese-induced dream last night. My parents had moved house, into a ridiculous tree-house. My cousins were visiting and wanted me to build a snowman…

(Frozen break)

And then I needed a carrot for the nose, so I went to another room but I broke a ladder. This made my grandfather very angry, and once he’d fixed the ladder he made me come to the top level of the mental treehouse, so he could teach me military typing (what!?). Also, while being taught military typing, I had to wear a typing jacket made of sugared almonds.

So, in summation, I should probably eat cheese before bed, and have regular nightmares like a regular person.

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