Procrastination Problems

I am currently (and with great interest) watching the man trimming my front hedge. He’s doing a good job, except that as usual he’s trimmed it too short and now the world and his wife will stare into/throw things into my garden. However, there’s nothing I can do about it because he’d started before I realised, and anyway it’s up to the landlord.

What I’m meant to be doing is my degree work. That consists of analyzing some poems, and switching between Spanish, French and Portuguese metric schemes is headache inducing and I don’t want to do it. So here are the things I am doing to procrastinate today:

  1. Watching the man and the hedge
  2. Writing a blog post about procrastination
  3. Doing Duolingo practice (which is basically my degree, slightly a bit)
  4. Tidying the house
  5. Watching a gadget thing on TV
  6. Doing work for my job (yes, I am doing job work rather than uni work, on a day that I am not even being paid to do said work. Perfect employee, I think so.)
  7. Browsing reddit (root of all procrastination evil)
  8. Planning more things to do which will make me feel OK for not having done uni work

So that’s all going well. In fact, it’s keeping me quite busy, so I’d better get back to it all…

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