Living in a world gone mad.

Quick one before I head to work this morning.

1) On the radio yesterday I was informed that “The Man” by Aloe Blacc is currently UK number 1. Really Britain? REALLY? It’s clearly the worst song he’s ever done, and he’s capable of so much more. It’s the 2nd worst song out there at the minute.

2) “Sally, why in point one did you say that The Man is only the second worst song?” Well I will tell you for why. Every time I turn on the radio recently, “Feelin’ Myself” by and some motley bunch is on. I have a very broad taste in music, as shown by all of my other music posts, but I just can’t handle this level of self indulgent rubbish that is finding its way into my life. I just couldn’t care about Miley Cyrus “feeling herself”. Sorry.

3) Who buys this for their children? This is better than my kitchen at home.


Right. Off to work then.


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