Jekyll and Hyde

This week, the Musical Theatre society at my uni union are putting on Jekyll and Hyde. I have been helping with props, and I have to say, I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out. I’m going to see it tomorrow (tonight is opening night), but I thought I’d share a little about why I’m so excited.

1) Naturally I’m excited because I’m involved in it via the props. Here are some photos of what I’ve made and sourced (it’s a shame they aren’t in context).

Dressing Table
Science bits

2) I’m excited because I think Jekyll and Hyde is a fantastic story. When I was doing my A Levels, our English Literature topic was Gothic fiction, and I got stuck right into it. I’ve not been back to a lot of the stories since (through lack of reading time unfortunately), but I absolutely fell in love with them all, not least Jekyll and Hyde. There is something about the tone of Gothic writing which is just thrilling to read, even if the actual story is ridiculous (see: The Castle of Otranto)

3) I’m excited because a lot of people I know have been, or are involved. MT have actually been running their own blog about the show, here, which I think is a great idea, and I have to say that everything about the show is looking fantastic. I’m sending loads of leg-breaking good luck to my friends who are involved tonight, but I’ve got no doubt in my mind that it’ll be a roaring success.

And I’m not going to lie, I went a bit nail-crazy again. It’s not my favourite effort (because it’s a bit sloppy), but voila, Jekyll and Hyde nails!

Jekyll Nails

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