Stressful Shoe Shopping

I seem to have an alliterative theme going on these last few days. Today has been a day of stressful shoe shopping. The situation is thus:There is a wedding in a few weeks. I need some silver high-heeled shoes. Madame Halima needs some gold high heeled shoes.
I also am starting work in a few weeks, and presently only have trainers. So I am looking for some nice smart shoes, one pair flat, one pair high.
I recently got some interest on my savings, and so that is the limit of my money for these shoes. And ideally I won’t spend all of that.

We started off in a shop in which the sale shoes were going for £45. I will not spend £45 on a pair of silver shoes which I may honestly only wear once. They didn’t have much variety either. The next shop was cheap but tacky. This became a trend. We found very little, and when we did, we didn’t try on. I’m still not sure why.

Then we came home, ostensibly to have lunch and then go shoe shopping again. 5 minutes ago, I was told no more shoe shopping would happen.

Now that is all well and good, but I actually need shoes. And I’m not the type of person to decided to do something one day, and not get it done. If I don’t buy shoes today, today will have failed. The fact that clearly that is what has happened, really annoys me. I’d prefer having spent the £45 if it meant that I now have a good pair of shoes, and don’t have to go out and repeat all of this alone on Monday. Which evidently I do.


UPDATE: Successful Shoe Shopping

So in the end we went out again, and I bought two pairs of really nice shoes. Then we went to the old medina and bought wedding things. It’s been a long afternoon. But, I’m happy (even though I know my Mum will kill me when she hears I’ve bought MORE shoes) and happy is what counts.

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