Happy Un-Mothers Day!

Sorry to break it to you folks, but today isn’t Mother’s Day. I know all the American bloggers out there think it is, but it’s just not. Mothers Day has already happened, a good while ago actually. I know, because I took my Mum out for a meal, and it was lovely (apart from the bits where Little Brother got all moody when we talked about his academic career. Not a favourite subject)However, my Grandma used to have this tradition, of giving me and my brother un-birthday presents. That is a little present for you, on the other sibling’s birthday, so that you don’t feel left out. She used to do it every year, so when it was Little Brother’s birthday, I always knew somewhere there would be a card for me as well, and vice-versa. Those little gestures are probably one of the things I miss the most about my Grandma, but also one of the greatest thing she taught me, because it showed how much she cared about us all at once, never one more than the other.

In the spirit of this sentiment, I have made a card for my Mum, and my Grandma, and my Aunties, and my Grandmaman (even though I don’t call her that, but I have a strict no-names policy to maintain) and I hope that they all like it.

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