This is a message for all my friends. Today two of my best friends taught me a very valuable lesson. One of them cared enough to get me alone with another friend and insist we talked. The other told me what she thought of me, and I needed to hear it.Two days ago another friend sent me a lovely e-mail which put the biggest smile on my face, and made me feel genuinely loved.

Every day my best friend (who happens to also be Boyfriend) makes me smile and feel better about myself even when I am feeling like I don’t deserve attention or love from anyone.

My Mum is another amazing friend, who always supports me, and who I can talk to about anything and I’m really lucky to have that. Little Brother and Little Cousin are equally brilliant in this respect.

I realised I am a bad friend. And I’m sorry about that. I should see you all more, make more time for each of you, spend less time being selfish. When you invite me somewhere and I don’t come, it’s not because I don’t love you, and when I can come in future I will. If I don’t call you or I’m not online when I said I’d be, I’m sorry, and I do try my hardest to make time for each and every one of you. I’m always learning when I should say things and when I should do things differently, and all of you are helping me. This year has been a year of learning, and I’m trying to use being in Morocco, out of my comfort zone to learn not only a new language and culture, but new things about myself.

Thank you all so much for helping me.

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